About Us

We love the South Shore. We want everyone to experience the beauty, serenity, and magic of the area. This is the genesis of Bark Point Ventures; we wanted to create a business that would give property owners and property renters a way to get the most out of their time in what we think is one of the most beautiful places on earth. And, we wanted to find a way to bring more financial opportunities to the amazing artists, craftspeople, tradespeople, and outdoor adventure business owners who live here year-round. Bark Point Ventures is the fulfillment of this vision and the perfect vehicle for our combined talents in the hospitality, real estate, marketing, and design fields.

J Erin Hutchinson

Founder & Chief Experience Officer

The common thread running through Erin’s career history is her passion for the launch of new business ventures. By her early 20s, she’d developed a reputation in her city for being able to launch successful small businesses, including two restaurants, a cafe, clothing stores, and even a small video store chain. This served as a phenomenal training ground for all aspects of growing a company, from sales and marketing to the fundamentals of business operations, finance, and staff management.

Erin has continued her career as a serial entrepreneur, including launching Narrative Shift several years ago. Narrative Shift is a full-service marketing, design, and advisory firm, focusing primarily on assisting early stage and founder-led healthcare technology & biotech ventures.

Erin recently launched Authentic Superior, a nonprofit organization focused on building a stronger brand to promote the incredible breadth and depth of creative output here on Lake Superior’s South Shore.


Chief Canine Officer

As Bark Point Ventures’ Chief Canine Officer (Herding Officer?), Niko takes his job very seriously. He begins each day ensuring that Erin finds her way to BPV headquarters, using his herding skills to get her butt in gear. Once in the office, Niko is assigned the toughest problems faced by the firm each day. He also serves as the company’s greeter/spokesdog, alarm system (protecting the world from squirrels, geese, eagles, and such), and design critic.


PO Box 24
Herbster, WI 54844